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Civil & Infrastructure
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Civil & Infrastructure

Civil & Infrastructures Division can cover all aspects of civil infrastructure to cater for any project. From residential and commercial subdivisions to strata title and public open space redevelopments, AL JADAF can provide experience and quality workmanship to get the job done with high quality.

AL JADAF has a unique combination of technically qualified and experienced people with extensive construction skills. Our people have a proven track record of successfully executing projects within MENA region. AL JADAF has direct access to the required resources and equipment to confidently deliver even the largest civil engineering project. The division’s primary market focus is infrastructure development, and AL JADAF believes that it has the edge to provide clients with the appropriate solution to their needs.

With one of its core values as innovation and the synergies provided by its other operating divisions, AL JADAF Civil Infrastructure Division has the resources and infrastructure required to meet the diverse challenges of each client’s unique needs and requirements.

Our Civil Engineering division supports clients in the preparation and execution of infrastructure development – working with local government, private engineering companies and property developers alike. By focusing specific industry expertise where it’s required, we help execute projects smoothly and efficiently. From concept planning to workforce direction covering the following fields:

  • Public area development
  • Underground infrastructure
  • Roads & Bridges. 
  • Traffic and railroad engineering
  • Concrete and steel building
  • Cultural engineering
  • Waterways
  • Water resource management
  • Environmental engineering